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Global Synergy specializes in creating traditional and/or new media content that will make your research findings accessible to a wide audience, and do so by creating stand alone CD and DVD material as educational, promotional, recruitment and documentary and/or Internet based content packaged specifically tailored to your needs.

Global Synergy can also take your existing long form educational material and create short form innovative and effective content.  We repackage pre-existing filmed lecture(s), seminars, panel discussions, workshops, conferences, and TED like presentations.  

Global Synergy produces clear and compelling presentations/stories that inspire positive response in your promotional campaigns.  Our productions are engaging, fast moving, and informative.  When you have an important idea or ideas to convey, Global Synergy is there to help communicate the message(s) you want to present to the particular audience(s) in mind - in the most efficient, creative, innovative and cost-effective way(s) possible.

Deliverables can be provided in various forms, including DVDs and CDs, memory key, any television and/or radio broadcast format you require, and be Internet ready for immediate downloading and placement on your website, wiki, and/or blog.

Global Synergy is also available to conduct original research and/or interviews for your particular educational project, be it policy orientated, archival, gap identification and analysis, data & evidence collection and analysis, annotated bibliography, case studies, fact checking, narrative construction and reconstruction and/or literature review research.

Global Synergy will also conduct digital audio/video interviewing for your project, including producing transcripts and assembling, organizing and summarizing the results of the interviews, and writing an Executive Summary, if required, in accordance with project methodology and established academic protocols.

Global Synergy provides excellent customer service and works closely with all of its clients in a collaborative and creative environment, so as to deliver exactly what you the client wants.

Screening Room
Sample of Short Form Educational Videos

The Three Cities Within Toronto Compilation Video
Cities Centre, University of Toronto

Faculty of Information Studies Recruitment Video Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

Global Synergy

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