Global Synergy


The following services are available to individuals, associations, networks & cluster groups in the Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario Region and beyond.

Digital Video Production:
  • Documentary Production – short and long form

  • Promotional & Communicational Material

  • Recruitment Videos

  • Ad production – Commercial & Political Ads

  • Public Service Announcements

  • Video Podcasting

  • Community Events, Personal Video Biographies, and Special Event Filming/Corporate Video Production

Additional services include:

  • Digital Audio Podcasting

  • Internet Broadcasting

  • Archival & Policy Research; Gap Identification and Analysis, Data & Evidence Collection and Analysis, Annotated Bibliography, Case Studies, Fact Checking, Narrative Construction and Reconstruction and/or Literature Review Research

  • Digital Audio/Video Interviewing

  • Developing coordinated messaging and communications strategies

Global Synergy

Todd Harris - President/Founder
790 Eglinton Avenue West # 311 - Toronto, Ontario M5N 1G2
Phone: (416) 789-4858 - Fax: (416) 789-2537
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